Basic Steps To Creating A Content Strategy

Content marketing is an ideal approach to build rapport with your customers and prospects by providing value through the information you publish. The contents that you publish are to primarily pique the interest of your target audience with compelling posts.

When developing content, here are some basic steps you need to remember:

Know Your Business Objective

Understanding your business objective is essential when creating content. This is where you build your goals. Setting up goals makes you have a clear vision of what you want to accomplish, allows you to plan before you start. Identify your short-term and long-term goals then measure your progress. In this way, you can see the impact your strategy has on your business and be able to assess where you need to improve. It allows you to be more ambitious which will keep you going and strive for the better. It gives clarity and consistency in what you post which is an important element in developing content. Spending time and effort planning on your campaigns assures your customer valuable and reliable content.

Identify Target Audience

For whom are you creating your contents? Who will view your campaign? For whom are you trying to sell your products and services? Being able to know well your target audience gives you an insight on how and where you should do your content. Do a research of your target customers—where they spend most of their time, channels they often use, trends and keywords related to your brand. You want to have healthy engagements with your customers, and build a good and long-lasting relationship with them.

Choose Your Channel

Determine which distribution channel you would direct your content to reach the right audience. There are various platforms you can use—your own website, social media, e-mails, video sites. Choosing the correct channel depends on what type of content you are doing, how you would do it and where your audience will be able to consume the content.

Research and Invest

Research on relevant keywords for your audience and your business as these will become an important tool in creating content. Working with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will help you look for the most searched keyword in line with your campaign and use this as an opportunity to drive online traffic in search engines. This strategy will enable you to reach more audiences and have greater opportunities to promote your brand.
Other than using search engines and doing researches relevant to your business, one thing that can help you is by using promotional ads. This option will require for you to have bigger budget to gain traction. It is also important to note that for ads to be successful it requires for you test different message strategies.

Contributor: Clarice Inocencio

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