Content Marketing: What to Automate, delegate & outsource

Content marketing is one of the most strategic ways to keep your business growing while keeping a good relationship with your customers. Providing relevant, timely, and reliable information regarding your business gives a social-friendly connection with your audience.

However, as an entrepreneur, you cannot spend most of your time making updates/content for your audience. Content creation and marketing is time-consuming and this where you should consider automating, outsourcing, and delegating some of the marketing tasks.

Automation is where you use programs and technology to complete various tasks with minimal human operation. It helps you track tasks on various platforms and delegate or automate those tasks through tools and applications. Usually, content creators use scheduling software to automate tasks such as emails, campaign publications, and promotion, proofreading content, and analytics.

Meanwhile, although with the help of the technology, it is also important that you check updates from time to time just so you are aware and updated on what is going on in your marketing content. You also want to inform your customers of current and time-relevant updates about the progress of your business.

Some tasks do not necessarily require automated operation and are much more effective when done manually or by a person but, you do not have enough time for that so you would want to give the task to someone instead.

Delegating is assigning someone to do certain jobs for you. It is a helpful way to lessen your work and lets you focus on managing your business efficiently. You can delegate the tasks that are time-consuming. Such tasks include responding to inquiries on your social media or email, scheduling appointments, or managing your social media networks.

You can also opt to outsource to a marketing agency if you have the budget. It is more convenient to hire content creators to execute your social marketing strategy. Even though you think you have enough skills to do the job sometimes the lack of time and ability restricts you to accomplish your plan. The tendency is entrepreneurs hire someone more skilled and talented to do it. Writing contents, video editing, graphic or logo design, social media management are what you can usually outsource.

When outsourcing your marketing content, make sure you provide the content creator clear, concise, and detailed instruction for them to make quality content in alignment with your marketing plan.

Having your goals set clearly would allow you to define which tasks you can start to automate, which you can delegate to a staff or freelancer or outsource to an agency.

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