How To Stay Productive During Holiday Season

The holiday season is just around the corner, and for most of us, it is the time when we are most hectic, stressed and easily distracted. Events and parties are being planned, trips and vacations are being booked, gifts for loved ones and bonuses for employees…so much to do, yet so little time!
If you’re one of those who struggle to stay productive during the holiday season, here are some ideas that will help keep the motivation and focus going at this time of the year.
Maintain A Routine
It seems best to maintain a routine when times are becoming hectic, and that includes the holiday season. It shows that having a routine can help lessen your stress and motivate you to get more tasks done. Look at the tasks you normally do, including the ones that are done at home such as eating a healthy breakfast and exercising, then create a comfortable routine. Spend your morning on your most important responsibilities, and nights are best spent to unwind and prepare for tomorrow.
Automate, Collaborate and Delegate
Look at your repetitive and difficult tasks. Are there some you can delegate or automate? Are there any difficult tasks that can be eased up with the help of collaborating?
Look for tools that can help you automate a few tasks, hire some freelancers whom you can delegate to or collaborate with. You can also ask help from your team with other responsibilities, so you can focus on other projects.
Create a Checklist
Learn how to make a checklist, it could be what tasks need to be done the entire season or just for the day. You can also create another one for your reminders this season such as gift shopping, next year’s content ideas you immediately thought of, and people you need to message.
Be reminded this holiday season that if you normally tackle five tasks in the office each day, try lessening it to three or four per day and set some space for the holiday situations such as family gatherings.
Set Time Limits
Setting time limits is a hack that can be beneficial especially during the holidays because it can help you stay motivated and focused on the projects to be done. Due to time constraints, you’ll manage not to procrastinate or get distracted from finishing a task. However, be mindful about being realistic when setting a time limit.
Avoid Distractions at Work
Distractions are the most common enemy of being productive. Oftentimes, you can’t avoid them, especially at work when the holiday season is coming and everyone is busy preparing and planning for gifts and events. Nowadays, everyone can do everything online. It is so easy to jump on many online shopping sites to buy presents and everything you need. Online shopping is a perfect example of a time black hole. As much as possible try not to meddle in your non-work related activities during work hours. Try to use it as a reward if you really have to do some shopping. Complete the task given, and then do a few minutes of shopping. Only make sure to complete the task first.
In this season, take note that the holidays can and will reduce one’s productivity, and that is normal. Just try to keep your priorities in line with your values this holiday season. It’s better to enjoy the last few weeks of the year knowing that you still have managed to complete the tasks at hand.


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