It’s not where you work, it’s HOW you work

Are you at the stage in your business where you’re considering hiring your first staff or maybe an additional staff to join your team? You’ve probably heard of other businesses hiring a remote staff and maybe thinking will it work for you. The short answer is it depends. It depends on the role requirement and your readiness as an entrepreneur.

We advocate hiring a remote staff as part of your team because for us a good worker is a good worker no matter where the employee is located. Virtual Assistants are professionals who have a wealth of experience working as freelancers and have made it their lifestyle choice to work remotely. We only hire university graduate virtual assistants to work with our clients.

Streamline International Solutions is the Far North Queensland’ top virtual team provider. We facilitate the search and screening for our client for dedicated virtual assistants, either for part time or full-time opportunities. We offer our client support from needs assessment to after-hire support.

By hiring an outsourced personnel, you can (1) focus more on your core competencies; (2) improve efficiency in office administration; and (3) save on employment costs by more than 50%.

Not ready to hire a virtual assistant yet? Not a problem! Streamline International Solutions got you covered. We can still help you with small tasks or one-off projects.





Streamline International Solutions offers Task Assistance services to clients who have certain projects or tasks they need help with like designing PowerPoint presentations, research, or data encoding, to name a few


If you have a website or page that you are having difficulty to moderate, Streamline International Solutions can help you ensure you maintain quality engagement. We will adhere to and implement your content policy and procedure with consistency, document all information according to agreed upon standard operating procedures in order to keep your online community engaging, appropriate and safe.