“Until we can manage time, we can manage nothing else.”

Peter Drucker

Are you a solo entrepreneur or small business owner tired of doing it all?

You have come to the right place! We can help you be more productive and scale your business faster…

We have to admit that as business owners, there’s only one of us and time is limited. The good news is that outsourcing certain tasks or projects affords you to leverage talent and buys back your time to focus on strategic work.

Streamline International Solutions’ mission is to help business owners like you to transition from stressed overworked entrepreneur to gaining as much time freedom for spearheading business growth and attain that ever-elusive work-life balance.


Why Select Us?


“Excellence honours God and inspires people.” Delivering quality service with a solutions-oriented mindset is what we aspire to provide with every customer interaction.


We maintain honest dealing with suppliers, clients and everyone in the organisation.


We keep abreast with latest innovation that will assist the team and the client to work efficiently.

Client Consultation
Sharing knowledge on Outsourcing and Productivity
Managing Director. Jenny Uy

We make it our mission to help business owners free up their precious time through cost-efficient business solutions.

We envision more start-up companies to thrive and grow. We want the entrepreneurial dream to have more time for the people and the things that matter to them become more of a reality.

Our Services

We understand your requirement and provide quality works.

Virtual Assistance

We facilitate the search and screening for our client for dedicated virtual assistants, either for part-time or full time positions. Other services include task assistance and content moderation.

WP Jedi Services

IT Jedi can fix WordPress plugins, admin database work as set up. We can bring your WordPress site up to top speed.

Software Dev’t

We offer a vast array of solutions including point of sale system, patient care system, inventory, logistics and Human resources management systems

App Development

Having a mobile app for your business adds values to your customers making your products and services more accessible.

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Contributor: Clarice Inocencio

Contributor: Clarice Inocencio


What our customers say


I have worked with Jenny for nearly a year and in that time I have always been able to rely on her to get things done. I know she can handle complicated tasks and she always seems to get things done efficiently.

David Hoare


I’ve been impressed with Jennifer in both her professional and community service activities. I highly recommend her and her team.

Anthony Dukes


Jenny helped our business grow faster and made our team more efficient. Highly recommended!

Jomarie Ann Abayon-Uy


Thanks for all your help this year – has been outstanding and a great help for someone who is on the road a lot.

Andrew Thornhill


Streamline International Solutions is great to work with!

Brian Uy
Managing Director / PayMoto


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